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How wonderful are these personalised lounge pieces by Tabisso! Funky & fun – I’d love an exclamation mark lamp! If I had my own business I’d be buying me a set!



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My little niece is 1 year old today. The very first candle on her cake, she will surely be enjoying all the smiles and laughter. Looking forward to celebrating at her first tea party.


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What is this, PACKLAB?

I’ve been keeping my eye on PACKLAB for quite sometime now, great to see students are thinking outside the proverbial box. Certainly one to bookmark!


PACKLAB. is the Packaging and Graphic Design Department, at the Lahti Institute of Design. The labs main role is to work in close partnership with industry and to support the last two years of a four year undergraduate degree programme.

The lab is an envisioning centre that provides practical-based research and design development in the generation of new innovative marketable packaging ideas for brands, products and services. Students work is characterised by the collaborative culture with industry and the open minded nature of people who the University partnerships with. PACKLABs interdisciplinary approach to ideation makes the department a good innovations partner.

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I am slowly but surely getting round to looking at all the photos I took when away in Dubai – however I am still not getting very far with this .RWL file extension. To me the quality that is lost in the raw file is immense – I’m actually quite annoyed having tried everything I’ve researched and read about – still no go! I have one more option to try now that I’ve changed from CS4 to CS5. Other than that I will have to get in touch with Leica. I think shooting in .jpg is the way forward you know – what you see is what you get. On another note – I absolutely the LOVE Aperture software!

Anyway – here are some more shots I’ve retrieved.


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Generating extra buzz around marketing campaigns worldwide is 3D projection mapping, a relatively new technology that animates stationary objects with 3D video. With added sound effects and music, the result is a remarkable and immersive experience.

These are just breath-taking, technology keeps growing… You’ll be engrossed!

Vienna Building in London

See all 10 projections here… Amazing work!

via Wolff Olins on twitter

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I am going to have a much needed cull and sort through all my Fonts over the next couple of weeks – I am sick of reading ‘BAD, BAD FONT!’ I think I may even have a party after!


Heres to a new LinoType library which is nicely catagorised! – We’ll see!

Any suggestions for better organisation – please let me know!

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Just ordered The Big Book of Packaging: Contains over 200 Examples of Eco-Friendly Packaging – can’t wait to be inspired!


Intended as a comprehensive resource for designers, creative professionals, marketers, and retailers, “The Big Book Of Packaging” contains 384 pages of the most innovative packaging designs from around the world. With over 500 featured designs and profiles of twelve of the world’s leading designers, the book is a must-have resource for anyone interested in the future of packaging and design. In light of the recent lift in environmental consciousness, this volume of the “Big Book Series” will devote one third of its content to the increasingly important subject of green packaging-showing designers and retailers how to package their products creatively, responsibly, and at low cost, factors that will be reflected in the books own packaging/binding as well. “The Big Book Of Packaging” will appeal to designers, students, marketers, retailers, and aesthetes alike, providing a thorough look at what goes into building an effective package and how to think outside the box.

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nicepond are hiring – visit us here

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“I really want a chalk board wall in my apartment.”


Image via Design*Sponge

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