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Environments, Retail & POS

So, this is an artistic approach to using data/coding in real-time. Completely unique; every move inspires custom motion (the best bits come after the number sequence).

Hakanaï / work in progress from Adrien M / Claire B on Vimeo.

Another example of this is Hellicar & Lewis. ‘Divide by Zero’ is completely real-time – all imagery is generated on the fly by custom software using computer vision to capture the body silhouette and movement of a dancer:

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Product designer Liya Marison came up with this imaginative, adaptable and creative product. How great would it of been to have such a toy? I’d of honestly had years of play, the decorating would of been the best bit! Ideal for enhancing a child’s imagination.

Recycled cardboard idea, inspired by pop-up books, “My Space” was designed for small apartments, which lack the space for a dedicated playroom.

Found a possible ‘grown up’ version via Habitables.co.uk, this could be an option—Pop Up Office.

This folding office by Liddy Scheffknech and Armin Wagner is a great example of figuring out ways to rethink the possibilities surrounding shortages of space, mobility and permanence. An office you pack up and fold away, or take with you to your next destination. This pop up office is made simply of cardboard and tape and measures 94 x 275 x 200 cm.

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Last summer these two window displays caught my eye by Joules and Fat Face. Very British!


Fat Face

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Always worth snapping something that could later inspire—I can often be found taking photographs of shop windows or anything retail when out and about. These were taken around Autumn.


Low Sizergh Barn

White Stuff

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Some photos taken from the trip and the visit to House For An Art Lover, The Mackintosh Suite.

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To me, Rheged can do no wrong, I love the graphics, the atmosphere and it’s a perfect day out.

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South Korea sees a great shopping experience, yes in subway station! Tesco HomePlus created a more considered approach to their customers, here they have applied knowledge of their fast moving hard working culture with that of busy shopping isles. Whilst you’re waiting for the subway you can do your shopping! This large billboard was installed in the station, with images of products from a supermarket. The QR-Codes are becoming a hit with marketing and advertising. Users scan the code of the products they would like to purchase and after payment the products are delivered to your home address.

Check out the video below for and insightful story behind the idea, which will in turn, changing consumer habits:

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These fantastic smile in the mind pieces were created by Chow Hon Lam, a humorous illustrator from Malaysia. Sweet graphics, the elephant on the tight rope is my favourite.

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The more I see the more I want—talk about thinking out of the box! These lights, designed by Jake Phipps, are a fun creative twist on an everyday object. Standing under one of these would make a cool photo!

The Jeeves & Wooster bowler & top hat pendant lights were designed as a playful take on lighting with a real sense of cultural identity. The hat is an object that often associates its wearer with a particular society, heritage or race. The bowler and top hat are classic British cultural icons reflecting a bygone era of imperialism, class divide, and eccentricity.


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