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Since our visit to Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery in Glasgow, I’d love to study more sculptures (this time with my SLR). These images were processed on an iPhone using Visual Supply Co. The sculptures themselves are so emotive, the museums downlighting really does them justice through the lens, although not so much by eye.

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Donna Brookes, a photographer from Whitehaven, is rounding up the troops for a 24hr sponsored photo shoot! Donna is very well known to the locals for her creative individual flair. Her aim is to raise as much money as possible for Copeland Occupational and Social Centre (COSC) as well as having lots of fun capturing many characters…

For locals who would like to support Donna’s project head over to ‘My Donate‘ or if you’re eager to be a model and get involved in the shoot please email donna.brookes@gmx.com.

The cause:

COSC is a daycare centre for people aged 18 and over with disabilities in West Cumbria, we have two centres one in the Copeland area and one in the Allerdale area. Both centres provide confidence building activities supported by a body of highly professional and qualified staff.

27 days until the shoot! Good luck Donna!

Here are just a few images from Donna’s portfolio:

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From a different perspective, this freelance architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark has an incredible portfolio over on Behance; moody & fable. The rocks basking in their own reflection are so captivating; like floating islands – another world.

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Portraits of people I met on the seafront‘ looked to start out as project to increase Ondra’s confidence, has certainly produced a really interesting series of shots:

These are portraits I took as part of my newest challenge: to not be afraid to approach strangers. I spent three afternoons walking along Brighton seafront asking random people to pose for me.

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Learning the visual elements of design:

Freelance food photographer and food writer Sylvie Shirazi gives an insight into the masterful world of food photography. An article well worth reading from the food maestro herself:

At the core of all photography lies subject, composition and lighting. If those three things are poor, no amount of post-processing work will fix it. It won’t matter what your aperture, f/stop or ISO is if you don’t have an interesting subject, good composition, and great lighting. Without these, a photo will lack impact. Learning how to effectively read a photograph will give you better insight into how to achieve those crucial elements in your own work. Reading a photograph is the study of how a particular image was created and the thought process of the photographer behind it. Photographers constantly make decisions about lighting (quality and quantity), composition (the arrangement of visual elements) as well as content (subject and meaning) when taking photographs…

Visit Gourmande In The Kitchen for further reading.

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