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A talented freelance illustrator—Georgina’s work has caught my eye. Over the past fortnight I keep being drawn back to her blog. Her work has so much visual appeal, with a pummel of personality you can feel every splash of colour, that combined with the loose fine line-work creates a bold, passionate piece of illustration.

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Dana is a graphic designer who creates captivating chalk signs—she’s created pieces for magazines, book covers, hotels. Certainly worth bookmarking her portfolio, rustic pieces of art, such a shame the design is rubbed away!

The process

Some footage taken from one of her commissions:

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A style to adore. Jon is a freelance illustrator and Co-Founder / Creative Director of menswear brand CXXVI Clothing Company. I can’t help but idealise his great sense of typography and illustrative embellishment. You must visit his website, truly inspiring.

As a New York native, Jon Contino has been under the influence of corporate mass marketing and inspirational street art since his first breath. Not surprisingly, he has garnered considerable attention for his unique approach to design utilizing hand-drawn lettering and typographic illustration in conjunction with a modern, yet minimalistic sensibility.

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A bit of reverse psychology—play with your food! I do adore these plates by Boguslaw Sliwinksi. Making vegetables and healthy eating fun for children. His product description makes me laugh. A parent just wanting their child to eat up, the frustration lead to this fun ceramic series.

Are you able to encourage children to eat in a funny way, especially something as unpopular as carrots or peas?

Certainly, yes. I myself am a parent and I had to invent something. Finally, the design is the art of creativity. Every parent knows the nightmare of feeding. Telling a child: do not play with your food, just eat. That is why I created these plates In spite of the principles used by mothers around the world, that food should not be played with.

Let the child be the captain, which does not want the ship to sink but safely reached the port. Or let the child be a truck driver and arrange for delivery and unloading a little salad so that they can order another load when the child has finished.

Finally, brussel sprouts turn into a cosmic stone superman, and pineapple turn into a big wheel truck operating in the diamond mines in Africa and fool the child in what he or she is eating.

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Cut it, fold it, bend it, shape it—this is the work of bomboland studio! Head over to their website for more fantastic dimensional illustrative art.

Dental Floss – We worked with DDB Singapore to create a big campaign for Guardian’s dental Floss brand, called “Don’t let food get in between.”

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These fantastic smile in the mind pieces were created by Chow Hon Lam, a humorous illustrator from Malaysia. Sweet graphics, the elephant on the tight rope is my favourite.

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