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Design Treats

Beautiful type finds, edging towards the more futuristic. Priced at about £6 each via Ten Dollar Fonts.

Inspired by the ancient Phoenician alphabet here is FONECIAN designed by Rosalind Stoughton – very clean, futuristic display typeface.

A sweet font RATHE DELUXE designed by Daniel McQueen – simple abstract forms create great shapes and spaces.

TIKAL is another super font designed by Richard de Ruijter – inspired by ancient South American cultures. Really love this, such strong characters.

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Product designer Liya Marison came up with this imaginative, adaptable and creative product. How great would it of been to have such a toy? I’d of honestly had years of play, the decorating would of been the best bit! Ideal for enhancing a child’s imagination.

Recycled cardboard idea, inspired by pop-up books, “My Space” was designed for small apartments, which lack the space for a dedicated playroom.

Found a possible ‘grown up’ version via Habitables.co.uk, this could be an option—Pop Up Office.

This folding office by Liddy Scheffknech and Armin Wagner is a great example of figuring out ways to rethink the possibilities surrounding shortages of space, mobility and permanence. An office you pack up and fold away, or take with you to your next destination. This pop up office is made simply of cardboard and tape and measures 94 x 275 x 200 cm.

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Whilst looking for early morning inspiration I came across this little gem, a blog called The Wanderlust via Oh So Lovely. The products below caught my eye, I feel a treat is in order.

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Indian industrial designer Prasanna Sankhe of Hypen studio, has came up with this nifty idea of ‘Indian stretchable watch’ also known as ‘ish watch.’ The watch depicts how Indians view time. Brilliant, could really do with one of these.

A timepiece that depicts the culture’s mentality of time with dark humour, the face of the wristwatch has the numbers slightly shifted from their usual place, making it difficult for the viewer to tell exactly what time it is. the prefix ‘-ish’ gives the time periods a visible ambiguity, the watch is available exclusively through filter.

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What a great IDEA! Perfect for work and play—paint that turns every wall into a canvas. Great for creatives and great for those little hands. Pop over to their website for more information www.ideapaint.com.

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The more I see the more I want—talk about thinking out of the box! These lights, designed by Jake Phipps, are a fun creative twist on an everyday object. Standing under one of these would make a cool photo!

The Jeeves & Wooster bowler & top hat pendant lights were designed as a playful take on lighting with a real sense of cultural identity. The hat is an object that often associates its wearer with a particular society, heritage or race. The bowler and top hat are classic British cultural icons reflecting a bygone era of imperialism, class divide, and eccentricity.


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There are some amazing Wild West fonts over at Walden Font Co. This pack contains many more fonts, patriotic symbols, page ornaments… the list goes on! Current conversion rate equals VALUE FOR MONEY! Roughly £30! On my list of design treats!

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