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So, this is an artistic approach to using data/coding in real-time. Completely unique; every move inspires custom motion (the best bits come after the number sequence).

Hakanaï / work in progress from Adrien M / Claire B on Vimeo.

Another example of this is Hellicar & Lewis. ‘Divide by Zero’ is completely real-time – all imagery is generated on the fly by custom software using computer vision to capture the body silhouette and movement of a dancer:

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If you have a lunch hour to fill watch this fascinating presentation by Peter Crnokrak on Data Visualisation. Impeccable research, left me wanting to explore the use of date in future projects!

Design as Symptom / Peter Crnokrak / Data visualisation as critical art practice from architecturaltheory.eu on Vimeo.

Love this example in the presentation:

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I’m back! What a fantastic few days! I’ll update with more photos and how it all went soon…

OFFF, Let’s Feed The Future reignited a feeling I’d longed to return—a passion, a belief and the art of play.

Before working for agencies I had such a raw approach to design and now I will be re-visting those methods, those strange materials, the playfulness of making and the oddity of stumbling over new styles or ways of thinking.

With two days of design indulgence, we were treated to inspiring and motivational talks by creatives from all over the world. Different backgrounds, different passions, all with the same aim – to embrace our love of creating.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Designcation. Looking forward to next year!!

> typo inspired by the architecture of Barcelona

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Dana is a graphic designer who creates captivating chalk signs—she’s created pieces for magazines, book covers, hotels. Certainly worth bookmarking her portfolio, rustic pieces of art, such a shame the design is rubbed away!

The process

Some footage taken from one of her commissions:

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Snapped this billboard today, simple information graphics. Clever, striking and to the point! We all know Audi’s looks great, so here the product features are highlighted.

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Whilst looking for early morning inspiration I came across this little gem, a blog called The Wanderlust via Oh So Lovely. The products below caught my eye, I feel a treat is in order.

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You just can’t beat it. The simplest of things always seem to hit the spot. Who needs a van graphic when you can have a rickety bike with amply graphic space. Gone are the days, the days graphics were at their traditional best, the days that I never grew up in.

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A great short film about space in design. ‘Sculpting natural light’ – what a perfect summary of architecture. A truly inspiring conversation.

Like a pause in a piece of theatre, space in design can speak volumes. We often hear from graphic designers about how the use of space allows content to breathe and I wondered if the same is true for architects. How do they approach the concept of space in a medium where space is the ultimate luxury? How is it used as a material in the design of a building? I spoke with architect Duncan McLeod of Studio McLeod to get his thoughts and opinions on the subject.

A conversation with Duncan McLeod, made for Microsoft by Johnny Daukes.

For more info on this and other films in this series click here.

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Just started following @FontsInUse on twitter what an excellent project and one that will be an immense resource for designers. Thank you FontsInUse!

The website covers many industries from Entertainment, Technology, Fashion to Food & Beverage revealing what fonts have been used in each design process. The website also reveals how some fonts have been manipulated (see this post)

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