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Creative Advertising

Snapped this billboard today, simple information graphics. Clever, striking and to the point! We all know Audi’s looks great, so here the product features are highlighted.

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Cut it, fold it, bend it, shape it—this is the work of bomboland studio! Head over to their website for more fantastic dimensional illustrative art.

Dental Floss – We worked with DDB Singapore to create a big campaign for Guardian’s dental Floss brand, called “Don’t let food get in between.”

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South Korea sees a great shopping experience, yes in subway station! Tesco HomePlus created a more considered approach to their customers, here they have applied knowledge of their fast moving hard working culture with that of busy shopping isles. Whilst you’re waiting for the subway you can do your shopping! This large billboard was installed in the station, with images of products from a supermarket. The QR-Codes are becoming a hit with marketing and advertising. Users scan the code of the products they would like to purchase and after payment the products are delivered to your home address.

Check out the video below for and insightful story behind the idea, which will in turn, changing consumer habits:

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