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More links to share:

Debbie Smyth – amazing installation work; she draws with thread!
(typography, creative, installations, illustration, interior)

Letman – all about creative letterforms; reminiscent of the chief typographic explorer – Sagmeister.
(typography, pushing boundaries, modern, ideas)

If at first you don’t succeed – loving this handwritten animated gif.
(gif, animation, typography, handwritten)

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A talented freelance illustrator—Georgina’s work has caught my eye. Over the past fortnight I keep being drawn back to her blog. Her work has so much visual appeal, with a pummel of personality you can feel every splash of colour, that combined with the loose fine line-work creates a bold, passionate piece of illustration.

Follow Georgina on Twitter or bookmark her portfolio.

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I have so many bookmarks which I’ve collected during my time in the design industry.
There will be many more posts to follow, but to start off:

Marc Atlan Design – clean, graphic and considered. Huge fan of Marc’s perfume packaging and his overall eye for less is more; clean type and white space.
(packaging, branding, editorial, typography)

Effektive Design – a studio I’ve watched grow since Greig’s concept of lego badges. A huge fan, the studio has gone from strength to strength. Their approach; bold, compositional, bright and an eye for detail.
(typography, branding, print, ideas)

Studio Myerscough – a more recent bookmark… all about environment and interior design.
Looking forward to seeing more and more from these guys!
(environment, colourful, bold, innovative ideas, bigger is better, blowing formats out of the water!)

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